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Anyone going on an Elk hunt this year?? I have a BAD itch and wall space for a one.
I received my new pop-up blind today thanks to James Ward. My son and I will get a lot of use out of it this next season. And hopefull another win ߘ
Well, Jeff, I guess we are west of you. It's not any better this morning!
Here's another one.
JeffStevens is online.
crazy weather in Texas these days. it was 75 on Monday, and a high of 32 with tons of rain on Tuesday. Ice to the west of me today. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? lol
We finally went out to the country again yesterday. The good news is we counted 14 deer during the day in the field eating.. But at my wife's dad's field as we were driving down there long driveway, I...
lamar lassiter
Well folks. I have given the woods and hunting grounds some reprieve. Mostly just needed to relax and deal with other family/homelife things. I plan to clean the cameras and get them back out very soo...
Just a reminder to the winners - don't forget pictures of your swag. We can use that to help entice other (slackers) HuntBuds to participate in future fun events - with fantastic prizes.
Turns out the new club owner is a guy I've been friends with for about 10yrs. I not only know him but his whole hunting family. His grandfather is in his late 80's, still hunts hard all season and is ...
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