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had I hard day at work today. lol  our department went golfing for a team building event.
Bill Costin is online.
I got a pic of the 2017 HBDC Champion
Here is another of the spotted hog that gives you a better perspective.
glteach is online.
Apparently Bootlegger got caught messing with a neighbor's trail cam. (Facebook got you.)
big L
Shoot this weekend at Cowtown Archery... Should
be fun & a good way to finish up my pre
season practicing.
What's going on people?! Just thought I'd stop by and see what's going on. Good luck to everyone this hunting season
Just another reason to love our first responder's. They aren't just brave, they are caring. Supplying fresh water to a deer whose habitat and normal water supplies are a salty brine and not drinkabl...
Bill Costin is online.
Whats up? I have not seen many pics lately. Show us what you're seeing out there!
Bill ya ask for pics of what we see!!!!  I almost see a trend here eh!!  lol But I do see the bucks are definitely getting bigger.  LOL    ( I just hope your monster is a no show in daylight hours.)
Ok I'm not shy or secretive. Here's my deer from early last Sunday morning. He's become a regular and again have high hopes at flinging some carbon at him real soon.
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