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upgrade your membershipYou have signed up and probably spent some time browsing the many features of HuntBuds and may have encountered restrictions or limitations in some areas. These restrictions are in place for several reasons such as limiting and restricting access by hackers and spammers. HuntBuds is a community of hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts which includes women and children and the last thing we want are spammers illegally putting graphic and vulgar content on our site. This has also been done to encourage activity on the site. HuntBuds welcomes everyone with a passion for the outdoors although a high member count does not make a successful site, it takes ACTIVE members or the site will wither and die.

As a member of HuntBuds you are encouraged to post questions in the forums, blog about your hunting and fishing experiences, take and create polls or quizzes, upload photos, embed videos, play games, and chat with your "Hunting Buddies". In other words be active. Everything you do on the site earns you activity points and those points are used to upgrade from your current Bronze membership to Silver or Gold levels which brings more storage space, less restrictions, more features and permissions and provides entry into premium contests and free giveaways.

Your Bronze Level HuntBuds membership is free and always will be. Members can earn premium levels simply by being an active member or for those who don't want to wait to enjoy all the benefits of Gold membership we have made it easy and inexpensive to immediately upgrade to our Gold level. Silver status is ONLY accessible by being active and the business level is specifically for businesses to showcase their outdoor business and products to the HuntBuds community.

Don't DOWNGRADE it is possible to downgrade yourself... Be careful when visiting the upgrade page don't click on a level that is underneath you it will automatically down grade you, say from Silver to Bronze member. If by accident you do downgrade yourself simply send us a note and we will be happy to reinstate you to your proper membership level.

Upgrading your membership is easy visit our upgrade page and select the level you wish to upgrade to. Page has been viewed 53 times..