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Guess I'm the only one around here...
Sweet. !!!! I should be able to draw all kinds of tags...
Only 207 days left.!
112 days left...
34 days """--------------->
Spiker said...

34 days """--------------->

Well I don't have the opportunity to take part in the bow season but I will be participating in the 4th rifle season for elk. And I just might do something within the 3rd rifle season. Bottom line I have 82 days left and counting. Thankfully Ohio bow season starts in 36 days so that will hold me over until Colorado.
Good Luck Sir.!
Spiker - how did you do? My 4th season elk hunt was a bust. The best day was friday where we walked up to a feeding area where the elk had left about 3 hours prior. We tried hard to catch up with them but couldn't close the gap. It was still a great 5 days of hunting in beautiful Colorado. So now back to SE Ohio whitetail hunting.
No luck for me either. Hunted 9 days in area 77. Never saw an Elk.
Going to have to scout out a new area for next season.
Didn't draw a deer tag for that area - seen lots of nice bucks.
Got a leftover plains Whitetail tag and have been hunting them. Season ends the end of the year. Kind of hard because I've never hunted Flagtails before and havent hunted out of a tree since Co banned spring bear hunting 20 years or so ago.
Have seen some nice bucks and managed to miss the same one two Sundays in a row. Unhappy
Will be able to get out 2 or 3 more times before its over so still trying.
Well good luck on your remaining planned hunts! I have more success with the whitetails than the elk... so I need more elk hunting experience.
I'm another in the mountain states that just found this thread
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