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whats the best Cross bow Lookin to buy one ? anyone have a choice
The only crossbow I still have was made by whamoo. Lol. It's a wall hanger. I would like to try one of those Excalibur crossbows. You can change the strings in the field. Recurve crossbow.
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I only shoot the vertical type of bow.Grin

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I only shoot the vertical type of bow.Grin


Well im the same but I guess im looking for some new toy for HOGS
Thinking about getting one this winter,just to give it a try.Gonna keep the price low in case it is not what I want.Been looking at a the base model PSE,around $350 for the whole RTH package.
I have a Barnett Jackal and I have taken hogs with it. 315 fps & 97 foot pounds kinetic. Some people say Barnett is junk and some love them. I have never had any issues with mine. They did have some quality issues a good while back so maybe that's what the flap was about. The Jackal is a good entry level Xbow if you want to find out if you like them or not. Would I buy it again? If I knew then what I know now I would probably get a recurve instead of a compound. Barnett makes a recurve Xbow for around $200 but the Excalibur bows are nicer. All in all I enjoy them and use them in certain situations (behind my Ghost Blind for deer, boar, turkey) but I would probably go with Excalibur. No knock against Barnett, it's just Excalibur has better recurves. If you want a compound Barnett has any kind of bow for any application you would want.
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Great thanks for the info ill report back when I purchase
My first one was a Horton (forget the model) it was the $300 Cabela's had. We killed 4 deer with it. It is a little slow. The new one i have is a Titan HLX, really fast but loud and drops fast too. It is my fav. I got it cheap on craigs list. If I had some real money I to would choose an Excalibur.
have sold a lot of crossbows in my shop and the mid range in price that sell the best are pse,wicked ridge(ten point),horton, 500 range.excalibre are outstanding but in the 1000 and after hunting with them they are very wide and hard to maneuver.a new xbow out is the mission xb 360 which i have had a few fellas use it for hunting to see what they think and they love it,light,compact,fast and accurate but a price of around honest opion would be wicked ridge for the price and performance.
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