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It all started with the wife getting a little grouchy and said that we wouldn't stop on the way to my dad's to pick up the atv. So I told her that if I shot one she would come help to pull it out; she agreed to it. So since we were not seeing anything on one side of the bush my son and I decided to go on the other side. We hid behind a big straw bale, and not 40 minutes in the hunt the big buck shows up at the end of the field. I ranged him at 260 yards which is way to far with bow. The buck was slowly making his way closer and following the edge of the bush. He got to about 80 yards away and decided to go back in the bush.My heart and my son's heart was just pumping super hard when I though I would of gotten I shot off. My son told me that he was never so close to a big buck and told me that his stomach was feeling funny. LOL. We both though that the night was done, except when we seen 2 smaller bucks come out at the end of the field, and was coming our way. So still hiding behind the bale the small bucks started to close the gap between us very quickly, that I think my son was getting very nervous, cuz the smaller bucks started to feed right in front of us at about 40-50 yards. I started to think that the big buck might come out again since we had live decoys. Not 5 min past the big one came out again. Now I had to calm down my son, and myself a little bit as he was coming closer. The big buck stopped and started to eat a little closer then the other 2 bucks. When he turned around and faced away, I quickly ranged him. He was now at 30 yards. The blood was sure pumping hard now. I gave the bino's to my son to watch the shot and to see where he would go. ( My son still doesn't have his own bow YET) As I was carefully watched him to turn broadside. As I seen him turn after a few min, I pulled back my bow with the awesome BSD strings on my HOYT. Slowly peek and he was still broadside, so I decided to do it. I came out from behind the bale enough to quickly put my 30 yard pin on him and squeezed.The arrow was on it's way. Whack the Rage busted through him like a hot knife in butter. My son on the othe side of the bale watch the whole thing unfold. The buck took off on a dead run with his tail down. We last seen him go between 2 small willow trees, and I though he wouldn't be very far from there. We both sat behind the bale and waited about 20 min. When my son and I were talking he asked me if it was normal to be so nervous that he almost felt like throwing up.. Lol I explained to him that it was normal, and that he had just got his first buck fever. After 20 min we started to go look, but since we seen him go between the willows that's where we went first. We got there and seen the white antlers sticking out of the tall grass. We slowly walked up to him and high fives and hugs were shared. I started to drag it out cuz it was dark. At about 50 yards of pulling a heavy buck threw tall grass I got exhausted quickly. So we brought our gear a ways away, and my son helped me drag him. We both got tired so we took a small break and decided to call the wife since SHE said she would help drag it if we got one.. Lol Needless to say she kept her word. But since we were about a quarter of a mile away left to drag it. We decided to drag it to the edge of the harvested field so that we could drive the truck on the field ( since we had permission to do so) and pick it up. My wife meant well but after that 40 yard drag she was starting to get tired. We walked to the truck and drove up to pick him up, and reminded her why we bring our atv out hunting. Lol We then brought it to my dad's, hung it up, skinned it, and deboned it, all that same night. We started at about 11 and everything was done and cut and in the freezer by 1am.

Team name Can-Tex Express
Buck ( 9 pointer)
7:40 pm
Manitoba Canada
On private land
My Hoyt was used.
Great job, and excellent story Magnum!!!! I believe this is the correct scoring for your harvest. Way to go partner!!

30 - buck
9 - points
5 - archery
5 - story
5 - first blood
15 - HB placard
69 pts
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Enjoyed living the story with you. Tell your son - I still get the nervous shakes after shooting any deer - buck or doe. It is the rush of adrenaline and when that goes - I imagine I will probably have to stop hunting. That is still part of the whole experience for me. The joy/sorrow/elation/anxiety of that moment is one of the great blessings and honor of being a true outdoorsperson and hunter.
Jim Ward

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Hips Archery Target Pro Staff
Excellent Harvest & story X Partner, glad your son
Was there to share the experience. How many
points you get for shooting targets? That's all your
partners shootin at...... Ha! Congrats....
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Great deer, great story and those funny feelings we get keep us out there! There is nothing better, time to buy that son a bow. What is the weight on that deer?
All hail Magnum. That's a pretty cool story. Congrats Bud. I'm sad it's not the ghost buck though.
We never had time to weight him. but my guess would be 200-250 lbs, but when the rut would hit and his neck and body increases in size cuz of all his testosterone, I would say he would be in the 250 to mabe 280 lbs. All 3 of us ( son, wife, and myself) had some trouble pulling this buck up on the truck bed.
Good job and a great story Magnum. Tell your son that with time he'll be able to control the "fever", but if he ever looses's time to quit!
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