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Let this issue in the hope that I will be helpful to many of his colleagues in the forum as I share what I've done and tuned for my rifle. I am convinced that a lot of gun owners here are to improve their weapons, and would be glad if you share it with others. I hope that the topic would be interesting and useful to many people.
I will first start with my first Tikka T3 rifle, caliber 308. Here it seemed like I took it from the store.
As one major problem with this model is that the magazine is premachkvat tops bullets soft PVC and peaks.For this after long thought and consultation with my gunsmith solve the problem as inside just before the bullets glued 1 mm. greaseproof hard rubber, and so I solve the problem of undercutting bullets. This picture shows how it looks.
When interest will show the complete transformation of my Tikka and I'll show you how I built my rifle from scratch to match my requirements and needs, while at the same time save a lot of money by buying a ready store.
Here is a picture of my Blaser R93 in 9,3x62 caliber, but it will explain in a little later.
The next thing I did in my Tikka was to put more ball to grip shutter factory because my little uncomfortable and miss especially when shooting with gloves. And so load faster. Also changed the original plastic cap shutter with metal.
I did more and Pilar bedding of dick by drilling butt and put metal bushings with which to communicate bolts. Thus avoiding any future problems of wear on the plastic around the bolts. This is a kind of reinsurance. However, dealers say shoot barrel and butt hits.
And because I was determined to tune everything in my rifle came the installation of optics. not original I liked, and I used the installation of the German company "Reknagel." This Image. But then I noticed that stands as grafted rifle and decided to do something that is harder and retracted.
After much thought, I got the idea to do Picatinny rail, which will enter into dovetail on the receiver box, which is for the original installation Tikka, and Mosley be secured with bolts from above. This will become twice as strong and not worry that it could move ever.
I shared the idea with a friend who is a turner, and he said let's do it. After several attempts to obtain this installation of the image. We did it out of steel rather than most of the various alloys. So installing your bat perfectly to the gun and looks very tidy and as part of it.
This not only improved my vision of itself rifle and already have a robust and reliable Picatinny mounting.
Here is the picture looks like from the other side.
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