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I suppose that many forum participants themselves processed trophies, and most likely have a lot more experience than me, but I will share with you how I do it, and it will let staged pictures of the making process. If someone disagrees with me or somewhere mix will be happy to correct me to draw all the experience and correct. I think so information presented will be useful for many fellow hunters willing to handle its own trophy, and to enjoy it for many years.
So in essence, will present the process in several steps. First, gently abrade the skin of the head with a thin knife, carefully pry the lower jaw with the tongue. Here comes a little difficult process with a hook made of wire begin to lay out the brain. To me it is easier in advance because it is soft and cooked by going hard and I was harder. Here's just a matter of convenience and preference. Obtained's what.
The next step is to carefully wash his head with cold water and leave to dry receptacles carefully wrapped with a bandage, and the head is placed in a suitable container which will be boiled. Put pure water to cover as little skull, but does not reach the horns.
Now it starts boiling, the skull. This is a slow fire, if necessary, make up less water. I have no time to get involved because everything cook time is individual. Because the skull is constantly supervise and remove from the stove when the residual meat starts easily be separated from it, scrape away with something. Be careful not to boil because it becomes brittle or crumble. I brew until it becomes so.
Then with a blunt knife and tweezers carefully separated residual meat. Gets me here is this.
If the release of excess meat you remove the bones of the nose do not worry it is not scary, just save them and then finishing them carefully slide onto the skull with kanukulit.
The next step is skimming the skull. I immerse myself skimming a skull to receptacles in a container with fresh gasoline for about 2-3 days. You will see how the surface of gasoline are removed grease.
Having completed the process of degreasing skull is removed and washed with cold water and leave to dry, then I put in a container and inundate 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide, but be careful to cover up just before the base of the wall, not to whiten she. Skull was kept in the solution until bleach but no more than 36 hours. Then removed and again washed with cold water and allowed to dry.
Here it comes now turn to consider how and what will be placed. I do my make them such stands.
Sorry this got out of the curve, so here's another one.
If even a small've been useful to someone, I would be very happy and pleased with himself.
Awesome job with the how to. Using Gasoline is a first for me. I will try that as yours looks great. What kind of deer is that in the pics? I love hearing how other hunters do things. Thanks.
I'm so glad you liked it. Both trophies are of European deer. A stands them made me a friend as necessarily makes Walnut.
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