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I am convinced that the majority of forum participants practice fishing with artificial fly, and therefore run a topic for two of the most used methods of fishing with nymphs and classic and I think the most emotional dry fly. I invite everyone to show here their most successful flies, their images and their use of fishing methods. Hope theme trigger interest in much of practicing this type of fishing.
Here let some of the nymphs that I use when fishing for trout. And just to clarify that primarily use the method of Czech and French nymph.
This is an imitation of Cadiz made of silicone tube with cdc and rabbit dubbing
Next up is some kind of rabbit nymph
Here is one of antronova yarn great for use as a second fly.
Antranova yarn? I'll have to look that up... but looks very nice... looks like it would cast and pull very well, if it's not too windy...
Sorry, hhhuntitall I made a mistake yarn is anthrone. This is a synthetic yarn. The nymph is not the easiest because there are few lines below flat lead, but I use it as a second in combination with heavy to descend quickly to the bottom.
And I forgot to mention that the first is very good for muddy water, because the material from which it is made with fluorescent effect.
Don't have many photos of my flies. But this is a summer steelhead fly I've tied and used for many year on the Deschutes River out here in Oregon. Dyed seal fur body and dyed polar bear wing. My buddies named it the French Tickler!
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Here is a dry fly that I'm invented, but I've had some success with it not only trout fishing.
And this is a picture of the same fly but look how it looks from above.
And a streamer imitation fish. It can be used for almost all types of predatory fish. It can be made as light and heavy. I've done it for people catching fish with spinning.
Wow nice stuff!
I have a huge bag of various squirrel tails if you guys are interested. PM me an adress and Ill Mail em off!
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fur squirrel is great for streamers.
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