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Neat idea but a little heavy and too pricey for me.
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
It is very nice and it's a cool way to organize your hunting gear. but yes it's expensive and too bulky for me.
I had some custom ones made by Plano for my tools to be shipped in, and they were @ $800 back in '99.... well worth it, as I had $6000 worth of Snap-on tools in each one!!! I mean, yes they are expensive, but what's the best way to protect $4000 worth of gun and gear?

Practically, I have no use for them these days. If I went to Africa hunting, mayyyybe... but these days the rifle stays in the front seat with me or I the safe. My clothes and boots fit fine in a $40 plastic tote from Stanley....
Other than price, My biggest problem with it is...where do I store it when I'm not using it?
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