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It's almost Halloween! Anybody have any spooky stories or weird happenings they want to share in or out of the woods. I know some people don't like to talk about it for fear of ridicule or because it makes them relive it, but I want to hear about it if you have had a paranormal experience. I've had a couple I guess you could say experiences. If you've had one then you most likely believe that there is another realm, if not it's easy to be skeptical.

Here's one of mine.

When I was a teenager my brother and I shared a room. He is two years younger. We had gone to bed one night, so had everyone else in the house. I was asleep and he woke me up saying "What?" I said "What?...What are you talking about?" He said "You said my name." I said "No I didn't go back to sleep." We settled back in. Soon after my Mom was waking my up with the lights on in the room. My dad was out of town and it was just my mom, me, and 2 brothers at home. My youngest brother was sound asleep in his room. My mom said "What are you doing? You scared your brother to death." I said "What are you talking about?" She said "You keep saying his name and grabbed his foot" I said "No I didn't I was just sleeping." I got up and went down the hall and my brother was on my mom's bed crying like a baby. He was scared to death. I told her again it wasn't me. We have a Christian home and my mom and dad are strong in faith. They prayed over every house we've ever lived in. My mom sensing something not right in her spirit asked if we had anything in the house we shouldn't. Not saying it was justified by being boys but we had some magazines we shouldn't have had hidden in the closet and we told her about them. She proceeded to take us by the hands and led us through the house praying over each room. Binding and rebuking any evil in the house to leave in the name of Jesus. Even the laundry room. We came back to our bedroom and stood at the doorway and began to pray. All of a sudden chills went through our bodies at the same time like something passed through us, causing us to all open our eyes and look at each other. We all nearly broke into tears. I get chills just writing about it now and I'm 48. It scared us. We took the magazines to the fireplace and opened the flu. We tried to burn them and they wouldn't burn. They kept going out and the smoke and ash would come back into the room and not up the chimney. We worked until they were finally ash and my mom took it outside and dumped it in the woods. We never had anything we weren't supposed to have in our house and didn't have any issues in our room or house after that. I believe in good and bad spirits.

Let's hear them if you have any to share.
I also had very similar incidents.
When my wife and I were living in an apartment and she was due with our first boy. It was an extremely long delivery that went over 24 hours since she was admitted in the hospital. the delivery was all good. When we went back home without our son (cuz the doctor's wanted to keep him a bit longer cuz of jaundice ). We both were extremely tired, but also had to get all the baby bottles ready and sterilized, I told my wife to go lay down and get her rest; so she did.
When I started to boil the baby bottles to sterilize them I must of laid down on the sofa and fell asleep. I woke up to somebody or something really poking my shoulder hard. When I woke up I heard the fire alarm was on and all the water in the pot was evaporated and the baby bottles melted to the point where they caught fire and the fire was quickly starting to burn the cupboard that was above the stove. When I realized what was happening I yelled to my wife, and quickly ran to the stove put a lid on the pot and ran it out side cuz of all the smoke that it was making.
Needless to say i still believe that angles were there to protect us. cuz we were both so exhausted that even the fire alarm on, we still never heard it to wake us up. It would of been a matter of minutes before the fire would of spread in the apartment.
We will both never forget that day and lucky for us for someone waking me up and for having a great family that came to help us clean all the fire burns and the smoke damage that was done before our first baby boy came home.
Once, I was helping a friend farm at his family farm. There are two old houses his grandfather and great-grandfather built. Both committed suicide in their respective houses about 20 years apart and 100 yards... one evening, as we were leaving, it was almost dark, and I pulled up to the driveway to leave. Preoccupied with what needed fixing and where I needed to be, I just waved at the little old lady in the window as I pulled out on the county road. I started out, grabbed a gear and it hit me... I slammed on the brakes and looked back at a dark window.... Clay was behind me as I bailed out and went to the window... he followed me, and asked what was wrong.
"I just waved at a little old lady standing in that window!"
Clay just gave me a blank stare.
"What did she look like?"
"Well, kinda thin and old, with some thick glasses..."
The blank stare with big eyes.
"I swear I see my Granny in that window all the time. She died in 1996."
"Well, she still seems friendly enough. She was waving at me as I pulled out."
There was a long silence as we stared at each other.
We both turned our heads and looked around nervously.
"She would have liked you."
"I'm going to the house, I need a drink."
"Right behind you."
I've never seen it again, but we've both seen it. Explain that! We tore down the East house and barns, but that old house will have to fall down, I guess.
I would like to think I have a strong Christian home. I believe God gave me his blessings in building it, as it was built with prayer and I give thanks to God, who guided my hands as I welded up the frame and nailed together the inner walls. I hope what I teach here stays with my children, and I can keep them safe here. I hope and pray His word is emblazoned in thier hearts and minds. But my wife and daughter are prone to "visitors", as we call them. Scary dreams of someone trying to hurt or smother them. Perhaps just trying to scare them. It's always worse when my wife is studying spiritual warfare. It's a blatant attack, and bothers me. I have very violent dreams, of war and battle.... so not much bothers me once I go to sleep. And I snore like a freight train with a bad bearing going uphill in a hail storm on a rough track.... so my wife, who has a hard time going to sleep, frequently sleeps in our guest bedroom. That's where her nightmares are worst.

One particular night, I woke myself up snoring.... or maybe my wife kicked me hard enough to wake me up.... I don't know which, but in an effort to let her sleep, as she had been having trouble sleeping, I went to the guest bedroom. Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, the cold temps had me pulling the sheets up over my head. "Something" walked on the carpet two steps, which woke me up in the silence, then slapped the bed with both hands and laughed. Until I set up out of bed... the laughing stopped abruptly, followed by a short expletive, "Oh, $/;/, it's HIM!!"......and then I was alone again. My hair was up, my eyes wide, and if I had ears like a dog, they'd have been pinned back in an angry snarl. I'm known to fight, and I was ready. It frightened me at first, then I got angry... I got up out of bed and started pacing through the house. How DARE you come here!! I finally started praying and talking with my Lord to calm down. But there was no more sleep that night. I prayed for hours the next day, but no answer has come, as of yet. My anger still burns. There were no more attacks for several months, and they are not nearly as harsh as they were. My son and I sleep soundly most nights. Only my wife and daughter have the problem....
To the top for Halloween.
Sometimes I think I see bugs crawling across the floor. They aren't there. I get freaked out hearing ghost stories. Seriously, the hair on my arms and legs stands up, I get cold, and I get teary-eyed. There is a road in Hays county nicked named "The Devil's Backbone" aka RR12 the canyon on one side is haunted by Indians on horseback. I cannot think about driving on without getting freaked out. The silly thing is...I love hearing about them. Google that one about the Indians.
Lol T8 I will Google that..
There's also 3 other times that something unexplained happened. there is once that I had stayed home sick and went to the basement where it was colder cuz I had a fever. I fell asleep on the couch and again woke up to somebody pushing on my shoulder in a way to wake me up. I was super tired and cranky at the time so I had said leave me alone very loud and quickly turned around, to see that there was no one there.
The other time it was my wife that she said it felt like someone was holding her down on the bed.
Both of these stories happened years and years ago.
But the first year we moved in our brand new house. That same summer my wife woke me up, and said that there is someone in the house. So I woke up cleared my throat, and heard foot steps going down the stairs. So I quickly grabbed my gun and took off out of our room to go see downstairs. We never heard any doors open or close. And TRUST me we absolutely looked in every hiding spot possible. on the main floor in the basement and on the second floor. and found that all doors were still locked and windows were closed and locked and found nothing. Ever since then nothing else happened.
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