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The 2016 season started off with a double bang. But first, let me tell you a lot of work was done at HuntBuds Ranch. We bought 4.5 tons of corn, filled feeders, trimmed trees, and you know the routine. I was able to sneak out to the tree stand Saturday evening to see if a pig would come in. And low and behold I had a shooting gallery. I got the mama and lil' pork chop trailing behind (on the run). I couldn't make that shot again in a million years!
congrats Scott on your first 1 1/2 pigs! That 2nd shot on a running 8 pounder with an elephant gun and open sights was no easy task. You are now an official member of the He Man Hog Killer Club!

"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
Great shot on both .. I about lost my supper seeing that small one eating the dirt . I think that 45/70 has a bigger shell than the Melon. We all have to take a Melon and doing it on the run was no easy shot . Cool stuff thanks for providing the entertainment this weekend .
You are the tracking master! Melon didn't need any tracking, but you found big mama! I had a ball.
That was awesome!
Atta boy, Scott!!!! that was impressive. which stand was that?
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Hopefully that double will turn into a lot more if all those orphans keel over without momma's milk.
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
Front stand Jeff. Bill and Corey told me that would be good to hunt. We had been in there earlier in the day to fill it up, so I wasn't holding out much hope. Boy was I wrong. Even with Corey unloading the 9mm on a boar at camp, and 4 wheelers running around, they still came in.
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O I see how this year, new partner, kill something....hmmm?!!!
Just kidding great shooting there Scott!
Few more pics of the pig killer .THATS some good shooting
No-one has said how far these were. It doesn't really matter. I can't hardly see a 4 foot x 4 foot target at 100 yards without a scope any more. Good shooting! AND running?
Momma was around 30 yards and piglet exploded on about the 50 yard line
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
Exploded is about right. I think if I would have slo-moed the video you would have seen a self cleaning pig. Thanks for the pictures, buds!
Captain's log 10-1-16, opening day. Wiffed on a doe. Sorry Ten Ring. The second air borne arrow found the hind quarter of a big boar (sorry again Ten Ring). I'm gonna miss that arrow. Hopefully he won't be back. Even though my hunting skills didn't score any points; I had a great opening day weekend with a couple of great HuntBuds!
Saturday, October 22nd was a busy day and on into the night. The morning saw a couple of good buck chasing doe, a smoker size pig, and a bobcat. A big bodied buck ran two of the does right under my stand. His horns were decent, but I decided to pass. You be the judge by the video. I slowed it down to 25 percent speed so you can get a good look. I would have liked to get a better look at the other buck, but he stayed out +/- 150 yards. The little pig came to the feeder but left before good light. The bobcat cut across the tank in front of me. The deer quit moving around me, but the morning got very interesting when I got Crusher's text he shot a buck. Look it up if you don't know the end of that story.

Not only can Crusher skin a buck; he cooks up a mean breakfast taco. I ran around to a couple of the stands to trim a tree and collect camera discs. You can see from the video I missed part of the cedar tree blocking the camera. Not knowing the camera situation, but knowing a couple of good bucks have been showing up from the pictures; I hunted it with high hopes. It wasn't long before Hog #1 came in. It was early, so I took a shot. Hit him towards the back end. I knew I had an arrow in him though. Hog #2 came in about five minutes later. Bonus! He was big a pretty hog, too. I can't tell if his ninja skills saved his bacon, poor shooting skills, or both. Again you be the judge. That was it for the critter action, but the real action was about to pick up.

Walking back to the truck in the dark I spotted my lighted noc under a big cedar tree just off the trail. I called Crusher over to help investigate. We couldn't see anything but the glowing noc bobbing around like a bobber in the waves. I took aim at the red dot with my .45-70 and kaboom! The boar didn't like that much and sought refuge under the next cedar tree over. We decided to give it some time while we went back to the barn to change and get some supper. Turns out the boar wasn't the only one that didn't like the gun shot. As I was emptying my pockets; I looked at my phone. Bill's text message was clear..."Game warden at the gate. Call me!"

We jumped in the truck to go meet him. No sooner did we leave the barn he was on the trail walking right at us. After the pleasantries we told him what happened and showed him the video that in fact I had initially put an arrow in the boar. We told him we were going to let him lay awhile, but Mr. Warden was having none of that. He wanted to see for himself (and have a little fun and excitement on a slow Saturday night). After all he did walk all that way. OK, load up!

We quickly found the familiar red glow buried in the cedar tree. Again, I was all for letting it bleed out. But, NO Mr. Warden marches forward followed by Crusher and me. We got as close as our pucker factors would allow. The cedar tree was so big and thick not even our flash lights would let us get good eyes on it. Just the red glow. A couple of more blind .45 rounds sent the boar into a tizzy and us running like yelling school girls. To make matters worse for me the gun jammed and Crusher had my flash light. I ran smack dab into a cedar tree. Thank God it wasn't a mesquite tree!

The dust settled and Crusher surmised the boar was doing the death roll. We sheepishly surrounded the big cedar. We got into the tree as close as comfort would allow and was able to get a little light on him. I put one final round into the black blob lying there. Whew! Done! Good thing to because the arrow was lying on the ground next to him. That wouldn't have been good if he was running around without his little red beacon.

After all was said and done, Mr. Warden cracked us up. His first comment was that his heart hasn't beat that hard since 2008 when he was in the military. Talking out loud he wondered; "how am I going to write this one up?" Mr. Warden (his name is Roy) was as nice and professional as could be. Matter of fact, he's the one that told me it was a Russian boar and texted me the picture of me in the bowels of the cedar tree. I'm glad we were able to liven up his night. I'm sure he enjoyed that beer he was bragging about when he got home. I'm betting he had more than one.
Glad to know the GW is watching you two when I am not around! That was a good 8 you let walk. I would say buck fever caused those two shots to be a little off their mark but I guess in your case you can blame it on the swine flu.
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
That was a night of excitement. Nice buck. Seemed very healthy body was filled out. Hope you get a shot at a bigger one that doesn't want to get you. Thanks for the video, pic, and story.
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