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I know, I know, we're not made of money.... but found this this morning looking for something else, and thought I'd share... Might be interesting to someone... Oklahoma deer leases
Since I already have a place in OK and will have an out of state license I am tempted 47 but I also have a wife that is great at squashing my temptations.
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That's a really good area, if it hasn't been over hunted. And not as expensive as anything around here. I dunno, just thought it might interest someone... I'd be curious how good the mule deer are... 30
I've hunted up in the area a few times and had a buddy that guided on a few hundred thousand acres in the counties just north of there. Not many mule deer at all but there is normally a few in that part of the state taken each year. I did see a few doe one time but they are off limits here. To me those prices seem a little steep but I guess that is what the going rate is these days. Most of the land in that area that has an active creek or river will pull in the deer thought.

I have seen a good mule deer buck in roger mills co one time but I was hunting public and as usual it was about 1/2 mile out on private.
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