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I've been fishing too much to look at game cam pics. Hogs have still been inconsistent. Good for the deer and farmer neighbors, but I sure like them to be regular enough to hunt them. A bunch of deer around and they're finally hitting corn Wink and bucks still have antlers. Haven't seen any mature big bucks to cry about showing up after season. Smile
I check 4-5 cams last week with similar results. Pigs are still around but it is hit or miss. No new shooter bucks showed up over the last 6 weeks and many still had antlers as of last week.
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
several diverse critters the last few days.

I've been slacking so far this year. haven't been up in 3+ months. that's OK, I'll let the critters get "comfortable" Wink. Going to Colorado next 2 weeks for some hiking, hopefully I can get everything filled and working for season after that.

Bill, any updates on the thefts? I haven't been able to check my stuff yet.
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