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I am working on a lathe project, I need a new motor for it but I'll get there,(20 H.P. 208 3ph if someone happens to have one)
has anyone made swagged or used solid projectiles?
I've heard of taking .22lr cases and making hollow points, but the velocities I'm looking for, i think the would just explode out of the barrel. 32-3600 FPS maybe faster ( gotta chrony once the accuracy is dialed in)
I want to experiment with both, and have a supply of tungsten that would make for some "interesting" properties against thicker metal objects. especially in the larger .30 calibers
any kinda suggestions?
HHH, you ever use solids in your competitions?
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Yes. Lost River ballistics used to make a machined copper 129 & 144 gr .264 I shot in my 6.5x284. They were so long they were not easy to stabilize, and ballistic coefficient was lower than needed, as sectional density was far too low. Woodliegh and Barnes both make a monolithic, lathe turned, bronze alloy solid in .510 cal that are just awesome. 750gr projectiles with a BC of 1.1012. Incredible long range accuracy. As far as swaging bullets, yes, I've done that, too. The .22 cartridges are a good place to start and play, as they're cheap and easy to come by, and basically a waste if you don't do something with them. I'd stay away from the tungsten/boron. Especially in a barrel you want to keep on a rifle.... Pressing your own lead wire is my suggestion for uniformity. The .22 cartridges are usually a little harder than copper.... Years ago, I was going to test hardness on various brands of cartridges, but like so many other extracurricular things, I never got it done. I had the concern of premature barrel wear using brass jackets instead of copper.

A few years ago, I was swaging .510 cal bullets out of copper tubing, making a 675gr lead tip hunting bullet. Worked good on caribou and bear, but much lower in BC than I wanted. Lack of time has prevented me from further experimenting with that project. We experimented with the copper tubing in .243, but don't think we actually fired anything.
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