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I have been hunting and fishing for over 45+ years I am originally from MS and I have hunted all over North and South America. If I have a passion its Waterfowl or Bird Hunting and Crappie fishing. I have had several records in both and I was the NRA Womans Monthly Spotlight in 2012 and I shoot both Competition Pistol and Long Range as well as teach Archery.
very impressive SH. always nice to see someone that loves the outdoors and also teaches others on how to shoot archery; A big CONGRATS goes to you.☺☺☺. I hope you like and enjoy the greatest hunting and fishing site there is HB. Hope to see many pic's from your past and future hunts.
wow. very nice resume. I am certain you could teach some of these (us) old farts a thing or two. great to have you in the HB family!
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Welcome again and thanks for the intro. It looks like you may be overqualified compared to many of the folks we have on here, myself included but hopefully you can learn to deal with our redneck ways and maybe teach us a thing or two. I look forward to getting to know you better and hearing more about your hunting and fishing adventures. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to ask me any questions about it as sometimes it can be a little quirky to learn.
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
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Welcome, glad to meet you.
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