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I took Bruce (Bpsmith73) and his son out today to hunt. Keelan hasn't been able to connect in 2 years. I decided to give up my stand and let him have it. Well it was a slow start. But around 8:20 the spike I was watching decided to to relocate 17 yards from Keelan. He took a shot. The arrow didn't pass through and there was not much blood. We followed it to a neighbors fence. I told Keelan that we would have to get permission. He decided he wanted to. As I was driving down the driveway, I look to my right and declare excitedly said " there's your deer". I told him he still had to get permission to pick it up. The landowner was happy to oblige and even wanted to see it.

This is the entry hole. It was made with a Rage head. The only guess we have is the arrow slid down the shoulder blade and punctured the cavity and lung.

His father and I are extremely happy we got to participate in his first bow kill. #godfatherninja
Well done T8 the guide. And I would really like to add (which I did in person to you on the phone) I am even more happy that you are teaching him ethical hunting and being a great role model. Teaching him to ask permission to track an animal. And especially, when you saw the deer along the drive in to neighbor, to continue to proper way and ask owners permission. I know the owner was impressed and appreciative because, as you mentioned, he wanted to come out and share in the event. Terrific job of growing the true sport and nature of hunters.
Jim Ward

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