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When a nice Buck walks out in front of you,and you rest your scope on him. Do NOT,Look at his rack. Instead,find a place to aim and squeeze softly on the trigger...Ummm,Whomever come up with this garbage must not have never had a Large Buck in their sights before. That,or Big Bucks come natural to them. Here's an account or the story behind my BIG 9 pointer taken this past weekend.
"Saturday morning 10-24-2015...I arrive at the stand at 7 am approximately 15-20 minutes before shooting light. I try my best to quietly ease up the pine tree that i'm in but the sound of the bark is pretty much useless and LOUD. So i get the idea to make other deer think that I'm a Buck scrubbing antlers on a tree. Grab my grunt call and let out a LOUD Grunt that pretty much sounds like a Buck with Hooping cough. After several minutes I let out another grunt to confirm the deers curios ears that i AM of their species. (Deer ain't very intellegent. (It's spelled wrong for a reason). "
"After a while of sitting and no movement other than hungry,horny squirrels games,I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. I watch as a Magnificent BEAST of a BUCK walks into plain view at 50-70 yards away. (Keep in mind,i've been hunting over 30 yards and have killed many of deer and i'm a dead aim with my rifles with a COLD as Ice Heart when it comes to seeing Bucks.) I see that it's a buck without my scope but am curious and wanna see if its the large 6 i've gotten on trail cam pics."
"Immediately,I Lose all control when i see it's rack. My fingers turn numb. My Heart increases to 200 beats per minute. My brain turns to mush and I can't remember anything other than where the safety is. I try to compose myself. (Look for a spot on his shoulder) I move my crosshairs down but only see aq tree thats blocking the view...I Panic...AIM behind the tree. BOOM (The 30-06 echos throughout the holler)....The Buck leaps into fleeing mode. Coming racing up the hill like a galloping racehorse. I find a clearing to place my crosshairs...As the Buck runs into my view,BOOM,the bolt action rifle sounds off again. Clear over his back...I try to contain my composure...(Do SOMETHING or this Biggun will get away too)....I Bleat at him as he's peeled back like a Racecar in the Indy 500...."BAAAAHHHHH" I Scream at him. Apparently it works...He slows down to a trot like a Tennessee Walker Horse....I have one last hope and then he'll be gone. I steadily ease my crosshairs on him and squeeze the trigger...BOOM....Right at his backside.
My buddy comes to help me look (Purely because i'm all bent out of shape and can barely walk or talk.) Pretty much all my friend can get is BIG BIG BIG....30 Minutes goes by and my friend hollers,"This one is Your Baby....You're on your own."
He found the Buck less than 30 feet front the public road where I was almost able to drive right up to it. After further investigation,I hit the Buck with 1 shot in the rear right side hip. (The last shot).
Yes,He was gut shot,but I was ALL in it up to my elbows and never smelled the first bit of stink. I was too busy smiling and enjoying the excitement high from it as my buddy was puking his guts up.

Here's my suggestion if you ever have the oppurtunity for a buck of this size to walk out in front of you.
ENJOY IT. Try to Breath....But definitely ENJOY IT.
"Backwoods is the Right place too be"
Congrats man that is a great buck and I am very happy for you!
"If I am not hunting or fishing I am probably somewhere talking about hunting or fishing"
Excellent, Great story, Great Buck
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congats. very nice buck and great story.
Congratulations on a wonderful buck and a great story!
Great Job. Better Story. I venture to say your not the first one or last to be in that same situation. Isn't it wonderful how the animal we all love so much can just break us down so bad at its mere sight. I love it.
Awe hahahaa, I would be just as lost in that deer as you were after the kill. Just the missed shots alone will absolutely rack your nerves beyond recovery. You did very well to tell yourself it was your last chance at that brute. AND HEY !! I'm like Jeff Foxworthy on which way I like my deer pointed when I shoot, quartering away[no], quartering to me[no], POINTED TOWARD THE TRUCK[YES!!!!].. I love deer that don't have to be dragged.
What a great deer man, huge congrats on him and a great story of the hunt too.. at least your honest about what happened.
Patience and Perseverance are qualities that are best practiced rather than preached
Loved the story and really enjoyed living through your adventure.

I have missed before and then had an opportunity to try again. However, I have never had the occasion to miss twice and still have a chance. I cannot say that for my sons and their first bow hunting shots. I can actually remember one son walking across the field toward my stand. Thinking he got his first deer, I hurriedly climbed down to meet him. Only to have him tell me that he was done for the day. He had emptied his quiver on the same deer and finally gave up. Missed every shot. Over the back or under the belly. His yardage judgement needed lots of work. As many of you know, it has vastly improved. He is an excellent shot and I don't expect him to miss another shot and would really be shocked to hear of him missing.
Jim Ward

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Nice buck great story.....
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