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well this looked like the best place to post this. If its in the wrong place just let me know. for the 2016/2017 hunting season I am looking at taking my wife or oldest son on a meat hunt for deer. don't care about hunting bucks just want to fill the freezer. does anyone know of a place that wont break the bank. and give my wife or son many chances to harvest their first deer
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It might help if we knew your location and how far you will travel. Good luck!
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im from Louisiana and ill drive pretty much anywhere as long as I can fill the freezers with deer meat
Live from GOD'S country.
Rebel - Illinois is probably not the place for non-resident deer hunting to fill the freezer for reasonable price. While the doe tags aren't too bad - the non-resident license isn't chicken feed.

My limited knowledge - Alabama might be a possible. Their non-resident fees aren't terrible and they have some fun (doe a day) limits for doe. So filling the freezer is a possibility in the right area.

I also believe Arkansas has pretty reasonable non-resident rates and decent harvest numbers.

Course I don't know of places to hunt but know that much at least. Smile
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ok heres some more information. a good deer lease in my area runs around $1000 a year plus I spend about 700 to 800 on corn plus fuel driving back and forth 4 hours one way every time I get a chance. if I could spend 2000 or less for the 2 of use to hunt which includes license fees I am coming out ahead
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