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As I'm very sure that the opinions on this subject will vary greatly at times. I had a incident yesterday in a busy public restaurant were a young man pulled his concealed handgun, while sitting elbow to elbow with me at a table. He then in the same motion offered it across the table, directly under my nose, to another man sitting with us to show off. I might add that I had just met both these men the very the same day and one of the 2 I had only met just moments before this and not yet comfortable around them.
I was overcome with embarrassment at what I thought was totally out of place and then in the same moment I was overcome with anger that I was put in this situation. It could have ended very badly because it did get quite heated from my end and these fellows began their withdrawal and apologies before leaving from my presence.
I felt betrayed by one that he secretly set up this meeting without my knowledge and then their actions and language which began immediately after the 2nd was surprisingly introduced. I truly believe we have the right to our weapons with all my heart but I also believe that stupidity can get you killed.
Patience and Perseverance are qualities that are best practiced rather than preached
That is just dumb. Especially with the way SOME police have been acting. Small man syndrome. These guys arent your new lease partners are they?
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In Texas they could have gone to jail, and their CHL revoked. Concealed means "concealed"! There is a lot of responsibility put on the person with a concealed firearm. Governor Abbott just signed into law for CHL holders have the right of open carry. That doesn't give the person the right to flash the firearm and wave it about! I hope that these 2 people are not on your lease. It shows a true lack of maturity and respect for others!
typically8 said...

That is just dumb. Especially with the way SOME police have been acting. Small man syndrome. These guys arent your new lease partners are they?

the guy that pulled his weapon is not and I had only met him moments before this incident but the guy that invited him was indeed my 2nd new member.. we had spend the whole day w/out any trouble and was well pleased with his attitude and actions. we also had already agreed to let him into the club, gave him keys to both gates and excepted his yearly due's for the 2015-16 hunting season.
All this happened after we had left the club and stopped in our normal fast food joint going home. It certainly has me worried as some of my old demons raised their heads and nearly swallowed me up.
The other guys think it was an isolated incident that will not happen again and the new member was quite apoligitic about it. I have been in terrible trouble for misuse of a handgun before and it haunts me even today. I do not want to hurt anyone but I will react very quickly to disarm and harm when I feel threatened. It has led to some of the most terrifying moments and life changing events that myself and my family has ever had to deal with.
To say this new man is on thin ice, as far as I'm concerned, for inviting this man is an understatement. I will break off all ties with that property, the people and the friendships before I ever go back through what I've been through in my past.
Patience and Perseverance are qualities that are best practiced rather than preached
Lots of folks just don't think FIRST . Showing ur firearm at this setting is not good practice . I think in Texas we are in trouble with the new open carry if people forget the respect needed with a firearm and the company around . I like to show mine off and I do think others do also, but you have to wait , look and make that showing at the right place and time . Good luck brother I hope better days are ahead
Some people change in time, but still have friends that are unintelligent.... Or act that way. I wouldn't cut ties just yet, but certainly keep my distance and watch from afar. Perhaps the folly lies in the one's traits and not the others. Time will tell without doubt. And your position is clear, I take it.

As for manners, that was reckless. I carry frequently, but not many know it, which is the point. I also do NOT hand a firearm to someone I don't know, and not in front of someone I don't know. In a crowded place, that is reckless at any point in time, regardless of how cautious you are. There is someone/something you don't want to shoot in any direction.
What he did was dangerous, irresponsibe, and stupid!
even OPEN carry, that firearm stay holstered unless in use or out of the public (in your vehicle, at home, if needed in the stall of the rest room..
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Old thread, but I've seen smart people do really stupid things with guns. I was in duck hunt club, another member asked me to hunt a popular property with them, and I asked to bring a friend. Friend is a rocket scientist with 170 IQ. We all got done hunting and were talking at tailgate when all of a sudden we were startled by gun fire. My stupid friend who at this point was basically a guest of a guest brought his 45 and without even warning us just started shooting it.

I took another friend hog hunting who is one of these new gun guys into AR15's etc and very smart guy. His gun safety was awful I had to sternly go through some basics with him like no one ever had. Might be obvious to some, but now I require guests prove they've taken hunters safety.

We need to protect our sport for the future by introducing new people, but for some dang reason gun safety and responsible handling doesn't come naturally to even those with smarts and common sense.
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