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On Sunday I was set up early before sunrise with my decoy's set up in a field. I heard tom's throughout the morning , but none came within distance. i had my box call which I used often.I did switch to a different location later that morning. Same reaction! Is it too soon to use decoys? Or should i just have more patience with this being my first season. i had camo on from head to toe and was concealed very well in between trees.
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Stay after them and you will get one to cooperate. Be careful not to call too much. Once you have his attention slow down a bit and play hard to get.
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Other things to consider, are the "toms" responding to your calls or just sounding off? Is there a "barrier" between you and them - things like a creek, hedge row, etc. Sometimes, they just don't want to make the extra effort if there are other birds easier to get to. You will have to be "extra pretty" sounding and more enticing.

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our hunters are having similar problems but I believe our birds are henned up and refuse to leave their side right now.. keep working because somewhere out there is a Tom looking for love.. sounds like you have a pretty good place to hunt and that is half the battle.
wished homely hen would chime in here and share some wisdom
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where i hunt is little water and some areas have open fields leading to cedar treeline etc. I try to hunt the roads; using a decoy on the road to lead a bird away from the wood line. also the road gives me a better view of anything approaching.
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Birds in a field are probably the hardest birds of all to call in. They can see every little thing, even something in the decoys that isn't just right. Toms are also used to the hens coming to them, and being in a field, they can be easily seen, so the hens should be coming to them, not the other way around. Good chance this early in the season the toms are still henned up, and not needing to look for a hen. They are surrounded by them, even if the hens aren't breeding yet. That toms not going to go walking off easily to look at another possible hen when he's got them all around him. Just keep after them, call sparingly, and eventually you'll get one called in.
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