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Anyone else here chase the bunnies with dogs?? I find it to be one of the best hunts there are! Magnum research BFR .410 revolver is my weapon of choice. Nothing like battling the snow and THICK woods to chase the bunnies in circles!!
Not enough time. If I could do it all they would be included.
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Do not go out to hunt them but i have been known to shoot a few with the bow as i go to the stand I like to fry them cotton tails up 85
Most of the cottontail cover here is blackberrys and real thick and thorny, shooting them with a bow, recovery become a problem.
"skin that one, and I'll get ya another"

they live under this stuff.

Martin Cougar Elite X riged Nitros B cam<br />Darton Fury Recurve<br />And the ole Jennings doe master<br /> Its All fun and games, till you get that big boy on the ground. Now its time to get to Work
Had 12 bunnies under feeder wished i had a gun with rat shot . They are real fat as they have been eatin the corn for three months now ..May have to take the 4 10 lever next time and DO SOME THINNING
I run and hunt them all the time
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