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We know it worked (at least once Smile )
Jim Ward

Archery - Mathews Z-7 bow and Martin Rytera Alien X, Carbon Express , Octane Stabilizer, Crimson Talon , Spott Hogg sight & IQ Retina Lock Ultra Lite.

BSD Bow String Depot Pro Staff
Hips Archery Target Pro Staff
My second grandson would love it. It is "military" enough for him!
We need more info. Also, why is the barrel so short?
nice lookin setup
Bow Hunter and Hunter Ed. Instructor. God, Family, the Great Outdoors
Its a Benjamin Marauder Synthetic 25 caliber. Actually the barrel is only 20 inches but its shrouded with comes with 7 baffles. I bought and extension to add another 3 baffles to it. Its a Pre Charged Pneumatic
with an air tube pressure of 3000 psi. I have a 3500 Psi 120cf scuba tank i use to fill it. From 3000psi to 1900 psi I get about 16 shots, which could be more if fully tuned but I want more Kinetic Energy for the knockdown power. I shoot 4 different style of pellets, ranging from a balistic style tip to heavy hitter 43 grain pellet.
If you don't mind, what kind of money does this monster pellet gun cost?
with everything i have invested minus pellets its prolly around 950 bucks. And yes i know i could by a regular rifle for that and then some but with my past which has stayed there, its what i can get.
For what it can do, I knew it HAD to be pricy. Hey I still think its neat. It's amazing to me the lethal distances that you get out of "a pellet gun". I don't know what you would classify it as but it sure isn't you run-of-the-mill pellet gun!
Alan oh they do go up, theres one thats same caliber costs about 1800 bucks. Then theres the big bores, can go up into the 10ks of dollars. Collector ones go for even more.
Too rich for me!
Soon I will be ordering my WAR valve. Capable of putting a 43 grain pellet down range at about 890fps with roughly 100fpe. Think a hog hunt will be in order. One guy did it his and is busting coyotes at 200+ yards with prairie dogs and rabbits out to 400 yards.
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