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I don't have a guide license. But any of you Hunt Buds get down this way look me up. I'll take ya fishing.
Do you ever fish for flounder? Do you concentrate on specks and red? I haven't done ANY fishing in years. I'd like to get with you sometime. My wife loves to fish. We have spent most of our time working on the ranch. If we can find the time, I'll get with you and see if we can make it work. Do you have a place to hog hunt? Maybe we can swap.
I am not proud. I will catch whatever is biting. I love to fish and everything that goes with it. And I really love to eat fresh fish and share it with good friends. I like just being by the water. I have caught some flounder. It it all kind of a seasonal thing down here. But it does seem like you can catch just about anything down here year round. Right now I have been trying to target in on sharks. I have not done well yet but still trying. I think I'm gonna need a lil bigger boat to get out a lil bit deep. People have been catching some big tiger sharks from the beach and black tips.
The hunting is new to me. So far I have been dove hunting down here. I must say I really enjoyed it. That is about to start down here again. We have some non native animals roaming around here that we can hunt year round. From what I hear, south Texas has some of the best hunting in the Lone Star state. I am just getting into hunting so I shall see. I have a friend that has some land that I can use anytime that I want. We are about to start putting out corn for the deer. The hog and javelin run wild here really thick.
Where is your ranch located? I am up for working something out. Anytime y'all get this way let me know.
If you ever are planning to get up here close to Abilene. You contact me. My e-mail is We'll get you set up on some hogs to start you off. If you don't have a rifle, I have several that you could use to punch some pigs. If you want, take a look at my web site.
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