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Hunters World
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Total Plays: 1602
Animal hunters; gear up your excitement and get ready for the adventure. It’s a game that would take you to a real life hunting experience loaded with fun, action and surprise at every move.
Hunter’s world gives you the opportunity to play at an extremely lifelike situation with use of advanced graphics which makes you feel as if you are right there in the midst of wildlife.
Here is a quick peep into the game which will undoubtedly make your experience a long lasting and a cherished moment in the wilderness
Target Practice
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Total Plays: 956
Target Practice – Sharpen your shooting skills with Logun S-16s

Hunters get your Logun S-16s geared up. Here is a game for adventure and excitement lovers. The game gives you the opportunity to play at three stages or three levels.

• Hardcore – The beginner’s level. Good to practice and access your skill set.
• Veteran – The mid level. Once you overcome the beginner’s level, you are now set to play the moderately tough game to sharpen your skills of shooting.
• Rookie – The final level. Here you are to establish yourself as a master. Now you have to show your full enthusiasm and put your best shooting ability forward.
Shark Hunting

Total Plays: 748
Shark Hunting – Ultimate Hunting Experience

Hunting games form an important part of online computer games. The wide and easy access to a number of hunting games has made them immensely popular. These may apparently seem nothing else than simple games. But we learn in the process the hunting etiquette. What makes them the trendsetter is their availability throughout the year unlike real life hunting that too without causing injury and bloodshed! So hunters can easily quench their thirst with these simple and easy to learn games. Jokes apart these games sharpens our target and focus. Not only this. They also improve our concentration power and act as a substitute of other indoor games.
Pheasant Hunting

Total Plays: 877
Pheasant Hunting – Face the challenge

Pheasant Hunting is a game for people who are the experts of hunting games. This bird hunting game needs focus and time to master it. The game is very fast and you need to concentrate to score points. You can only move on to the next level if you score 1000 points on the first level. The birds move with speed and you have to be quick and a great shooter to hit them. There is a trick though. You can only shoot the roosters, not the hen. Shooting a hen would mean negative points. There is a time limit allotted, so you need to be careful and move really fast. After each level, the speed of the pheasants will increase, making your job of shooting them even tougher! If you love the challenge, start the game and try to shoot the roosters only!
Desert Hunt

Total Plays: 746
Desert Hunt – Enjoy the thrill of hunting

Desert Hunt is a highly popular game that is now enjoyed by a large number of gamers around the world. You will find this exciting game at the site of My Hunting Games. This site provides the largest selection of hunting games in the world free of cost. In this game the players have two minutes in hand for shooting as many creatures as possible. Shooting every animal will give you points. The creatures that you need to shoot are scorpions, vultures and coyotes. At the beginning, the player begins with six shotgun shells. The space bar is used for reloading the weapon. Shooting down the coyotes will provide you with five extra seconds over your normal time. Shooting the scorpions will give 100 points. Therefore, it is a good idea to concentrate on the scorpions. The other animals offer ten, twenty and thirty points.
Chicken Hunting

Total Plays: 803
Chicken Hunting – A great hunting experience

My Hunting Games offer a huge array of hunting games to the online gamers. They have one of the largest collections of such game and this includes Chicken Hunting. This game is quite similar to the games that involve bird hunting. So, if you regularly kill birds in online games then you should definitely try out this game. Here the sky is filled up with a lot of chickens. You will also find airplanes occasionally. The player should blow these planes out from the sky. Once you are out of bullets you should reload. The reload button is present in the lower corner on the right side of the screen. Try to kill as many as chickens unless the time is over. Once the time is over, the game will finish. You can play again if you want.
Big Bird Hunting

Total Plays: 752
Big Bird Hunting – hunt big to score big

Hunting with crossbow has never been this exciting and adventurous before. Big bird hunting brings a unique experience for hunting lovers. The graphics and animations used in this game make it even more interesting and lifelike.
Although you must be thinking that it is an easy game and no big deal to shoot a flying bird through crossbow. Let me warn you that the simple looking birds are not easy bait at all. Few things need to be kept in mind while you are playing this game.
Wild Boar Hunter

Total Plays: 772
Wild Boar Hunting – A Wild Game

Wild Boar Hunting is an excellent online game. You will find this game in the My Hunting Games website. This game is quite exciting as you have to shoot the wild boars that will attack from both sides. Your duty is to shoot and the kill these animals with the help of your double barreled shotgun. Hunting game lovers will definitely like to shoot down these wild animals that will run in a horizontal way through the screen. Killing every wild boar will provide you with 100 points. The screen also shows the number of boars you have missed. If you miss a certain number of wild boars then the game will be over. You will surely enjoy the blood that spills out of the animals when they are killed.
DoDo Hunter

Total Plays: 759
DoDo Hunter – The Exclusive Gaming Experience

Great fan of hunting games? A vast range of games is here to win your heart. Those passionate for hunting games would surely benefit from a quick view of the site. Apart from hunting games like shark hunting, rabbit hunting, turkey shoot, DoDo Hunter also hits the list of popularity. It is considered one of the simplest and top ranking computer games. Just as other hunting game does this game also provides respite to tired brain after a day long work. This is easy to play and understand. All that is required is minimum computer skill to be played.
Deer Hunt

Total Plays: 922
Deer Hunt – The best target practicing game

If you love to play the target-practicing games online then Deer Hunt is one of the games that are ideal for you. Visit the website of My Hunting Games to play this game. One thing that you should keep in mind is that this game is different from the conventional games of deer hunting. In fact this game is quite tough. Here the player, who is the shooter with a rifle, stays in a stationary position. The deer that is animated runs horizontally through the screen. Therefore, you need to shoot the creature as fast as possible. The deer moves quickly making it tough to shoot. The player is provided with a minute for shooting the maximum number of maximum of deer he or she can. If you want to improve targeting skills then give this game a try.