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Nintendo Duck Hunt

Average Rating: 6.00
Total Plays: 1652
Here it is, the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. You don’t get to use the laser gun like in the original, but the game play and object are still the same. Similar to skeet shooting, you get 10 ducks per round. Hit each duck as it flys away and get points for each one hit. As you progress through the rounds, the difficulty becomes greater. If you get good, select the 2 ducks option where you have to hit two ducks at a time. Try Duck Hunt and see how good of a shot you really are.
Drawn Together: Soak It
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Average Rating: 6.00
Total Plays: 1553
Soak your fellow housemates until their ink levels run out.
Animal Hunter – An exciting online hunting game

Average Rating: 4.00
Total Plays: 2432
Animal Hunter is one of highly exciting games that you can play at the website of My Hunting Games. This is a fun targeting practicing game that you will definitely enjoy playing. Here you will have the chance of shooting down different types of animals that run across the animated forest on the screen. The game is quite realistic and you need to target the deer, birds and rabbits in the woods. You are provided with a particular time within which you have to shoot the forest wildlife. Killing certain animals will provide you with extra time. The bow and arrow should be used for killing the animals as you move through the forest. Playing the game is quite simple if you know the right controls.
Balloon Hunter – Not your typical free hunting game

Total Plays: 1556
Balloon Hunter is widely regarded by its players as one of the most relaxing games on internet. People who love arcade games like bubble shooting, would love the concept of balloon hunter. The game is divided into two categories – Practice and Tournament. You can start with the practice and after gaining expertise, move on to the tournament, where you get to post your scores. Balloon Hunter, is similar to most hunting games found online. You need to be quick and focused with this game. The background can be changed depending on your mood. Like all hunting games, you will be able to view the speed of the wind at the top right part of the screen. You need to plan your shot based on the speed. The practice game has no time limit, which means you can keep on playing the game in between your work, when feeling bored.
Shotgun Fun – Practice Your Shotgun Skills
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 1780
Shotgun Fun

Hunting games have won the heart of innumerable people owing to its simplicity and consistency. These are easy to play and often a safe option to start with. There are a whole lot of games to be selected from that can be played by people of all ages. They are perfect time pass element and are focused towards providing joy to lonely people. They also serve as stress busters and can help one relieve him or her from extreme stress in stressful conditions. Being easy to play they require absolutely no efforts. So one can just keep playing and keeping busy. People often start getting addicted to computer games once they start with these hunting games. They often feel forced to play them to experience the fun and joy.
Deer Bow Hunting – Feel the excitement
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 10231
Deer Bow Hunting

Welcome to the most realistic Deer Bow Hunting game on the internet! If you are into hunting games, this one’s a winner by far. Our extremely realistic forest background will paint a real hunting scenario for you. This game is all about shooting deer with a compound bow. Use the bow to shoot as many deer you can before running out of the Rage Broadhead arrows. The more deer you shoot, the more points you get. You can even win weekly prize for highest score submission. What’s more, this game is available to you absolutely free of charge!
Rabbit Hunting
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 1334
Enjoy Rabbit Hunting

Online hunting games are great way to hone your hunting skills. Furthermore these games are easily accessible and can be played online anywhere and anytime. These are perfect mind relaxing items that would not only soothe your mind and nerves but also entertain you to the fullest. These games are available both in relaxed classic and fast paced categories to suit the taste of both slow players and fast players. Moreover, they are effortless and absolutely fun to play. These games are perfect for even starters who have absolutely no knowledge regarding computer games or hunting.
Fun Deer Hunting
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 2200
Fun Deer Hunting – Hone your hunting skills

Are you a hunting game addict? Here’s a game that will make your adrenaline rush! Say Hello to Fun Deer Hunting – one of the most popular hunting games online. This is a game with no specific rules, which makes it more fun to play. If you’re not a serious gamer and love playing games as a stress buster at work or at home, this game is ideal for you. This game is totally free of charge! With relaxed time limit and easy to achieve scores, fun deer hunting is as fun as games can be. Easy as it is, this game trains you for the more challenging and complex hunting games. Playing this game nonstop will make you learn speed and time balance with simplicity. The bucks and does come in waves for you to shoot them. Try to score as many points as you can before moving on to the next level.
Bag a Monster Buck
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 3399
A realistic and energetic game available online. ESPN games were the first to introduce these games. This is enough proof to relate the success of this game. Before starting up with playing this game; key in your name so that you are acknowledged for your achievements properly. There are several modes available for this hunting deer game. They are the winter season hunt and the fall hunt. The player can play any one at a time based on the preference of the player. The players on clicking the start icon will be provided with a quick list and assembling of weapons available for his online hunting expedition. There is also the scope of getting a comprehensive look of the rifle, its characteristic features and its ability to shoot. One the player gets a grip of the weapon he is using for the game; he can place his targets accurately. This will help him get amazing outdoor shoots. The player should navigate the mouse from west to east or north to south or in crisscross directions. There is other equipment available too like the binoculars, a map, rattles that will help the player more to fulfill the task.
Bow Hunter
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 1876
Unleash your hunting skills and earn points with the bow hunter game

The bow hunter game has a primitive charm in it. It brings you back to the old days when hunting using bow and arrow was a sport as well as a necessity. Bow hunting of fawns, deer is abandoned now, yet one can do it any way without legal issues even at the luxury of one’s home. Playing the game of bow hunter is the game in which you ought not to visit a forest. Be near your PC and enjoy hunting fawn with bows and arrows with every click and drag of the mouse. The game is easy yet time consuming and refreshing, good enough for a break. However, the challenge lies here too. One needs to shoot the maximum number of fawn with the limited number of arrows given. As soon as one runs out of arrow the game is over. The graphics invested into the hunting adventure of this online game is presumably good and one can not only make his individual score but compete with other friends and analyze their respective scores at bow hunting. The player should be sufficiently swift in his moves to make the maximum number of shots without wasting the arrows.